The Southern Idaho Mycological Association



The Southern Idaho Mycological Association is a group of amateur and professional mycologists, mycophagists, and just plain mushroom lovers. Since our inception, we have catalogued over two thousand species of mushrooms in southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon. These are our principal hunting grounds. Whether you just want to know a few edible kinds, or would like to take up mycology as a serious hobby, you will be welcome in SIMA.

SIMA was fully affiliated with the North American Mycological Association. This meant that membership in SIMA automatically made you a NAMA (North American Mycological Association) member, as well.  NAMA no longer offers this level of affiliation.  While we are still affiliated with NAMA, one must now join that group separately.  You do not have to join NAMA to be a SIMA member.

Our state is located almost entirely in the Pacific Northwest's Columbia Basin. In the east we contact the middle and northern Rockies. Some of central Idaho is high enough to be considered alpine.  In Northern Idaho there are areas of extremely wet forest, approaching rain forest. On the Snake River Plain there is steppe (semi-arid grassland and shrubs) and isolated riparian deciduous forests. Because of this, we have a great variety of mushroom habitats.

Idaho also has a surprisingly rich heritage of mushrooming. Several noted professional and amateur mycologists spent much of their time here, and many still do. In addition, a rich mix of European and Asian immigrants brought their love of mushrooms with them to our mountains and steppes..

Picture: Onnia tomentosa, Warm Lake, Valley Co., ID Our newsletter is now published electronically on a bi-monthly basis
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